What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement of the Truth.

Affirmations are a spiritual practice one can use to heal negative thought patterns.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of our teaching, believes that God is Perfect Love. An affirmation is a statement that recognizes the perfection of God within everything. Science of Mind teaches that there is One God which is first cause to all things. This God is perfect and Ernest Holmes says, “A Perfect Cause must produce a perfect effect.” (Science of Mind, 184)

WHy are affirmations important?

Although situations may influence us to believe that there is imperfection, by shifting our perspective, we open up space in our lives for more Good to appear. As we change our thinking about reality, we experience life differently.

It affirms what you desire in life is already true. We have all the infinite potential that God has and are able to divinely create from that. When saying an affirmation, it is released into the Universal Law of Cause and Effect which means whatever we put out into the universe in the form of thought returns to us multiplied abundantly.

How can I write an affirmation?

When making affirmative statements, we state them as if our goal is already accomplished. We do this because it is accomplished in the Absolute. The Law of God obeys what we believe and know to be true. If one believes that there is not enough, they constrict their own flow of abundance to be not enough. The actions they take will constrict their Good because they will act according to that belief.

Sometimes when stating an affirmation at first, it may seem like it invalidates what you are currently experiencing. It is important to remember that how you feel is valid and become aware of how you feel. It is okay to feel like an affirmation does not resonate. As long as you belief that it is possible to feel another way, and that your current feeling is temporary, you will be able to let go of that reality as you continue to state affirmations.

What do affirmations look like?

Here are some examples of affirmations:

• Peace is my natural state.
• I surrender to the flow of Life.
• My body is strong. My body is an expression of perfect health.
• I am abundant.
• I am safe. I am secure. I am taken care of.
• Anything that is on my path is for my greatest good.
• I am whole, healthy, and complete.
• I am the embodiment of Spirit.

You will find that some affirmations work better for you than others. As you speak the words, meditate on them and speak them with power and authority. You are the creator of your experience. Speak them with love and compassion. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience” ~Pieree Teilhard, it is inevitable that we will forget the truth. That is okay, so always have compassion for yourself. At the core of your being, Spirit is always there.


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