Free Practitioner Support for Teens

Our Goal: Is to ultimately give teens full access to a practitioner and prayer support even if they don’t have a local center, or if they just need another space to be loved unconditionally.

The world Ministry of prayer has helped us to reach our goal to bring free practitioner support to teens. Love offerings will be accepted at

How: Start by emailing a practitioner that is scheduled during the time that you want prayer support. The practitioner will then be able to set up a time and a form of contact with you.

 Getting to know our Practitioners:

This weeks featured practitioner:


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David LeNoble

  Early on, David was (and still is) curious about the many amazing religious traditions.  Before finding his community in the Centers for Spiritual Living many years ago, he considered himself a religious mutt.  Born Jewish, baptized Episcopalian, initiated into Soka Gakkai Buddhism and having studied Native American traditions and Taoism, David was able to connect to the golden thread in all of them.  What a perfect journey to lead to CSL!

  David’s philosophy of life has literally been tattooed onto his being:  It’s all about Pure, Unconditional Love!

Since connecting to CSL, David has worked with the Teen Ministry in Denver for about 10 years.  He became a Practitioner with the intention to serve the teen and young adult community in any way possible.  David is Über grateful to be a part of the CSL Teen world and the summer & winter camp experiences. It’s been absolutely Awesome!


Some things to know about David:  

1. An experience that made him a better person: Meeting/connecting with Elie Wiesel (author of Night) and Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements).  These men changed the course of my life.

2. Top 3 Most Played Songs on his iPhone: “The Sound of Sunshine” by Michael Franti & Spearhead; “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles; and, “Something Different” by Godsmack

3. Favorite Quote…at this moment: “Everything changed the day I figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in my life.”  Brian Andreas

4. What sound does he love? Laughter & giggling…

5. If he could be a fictional character—who would it be?   Genie. To be playful and able to gift wishes to people…how cool is that!

6. If he could go back and tell himself something as a teen: “Love yourself, Don’t take anything personally, and know that You Are Absolutely Worthy!”

Please connect with David this week, he is such a fantastic light in this world!




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