Workshop Tutorial

Ever wanted to write a workshop but didn’t know how or just didn’t know where to start? Well, we’ve written this page to take you step by step through how to write one and how to submit it for publication on the site!

1. Be inspired

Writing a workshop should come out of inspiration or out of a lesson or concept that you’d like to get across. A workshop is always better when it is inspired rather than forced.

2. Gather materials

You’ll need a computer and, if you are a little more traditional, a pen and some paper. Try to be in a relaxing environment where you know you’re best work will come out.

3. Brainstorm

Start out by becoming really clear on what your intention for the workshop will be. Write down your ideas until you come up with the perfect purpose for your workshop.

4. Outline

Write an outline of what you want the participants to do during the workshop. Start off general and work your way into the details. Here are some examples of some steps that might happen in a workshop:

      • Open with a prayer
      • Talk about what has been troubling you recently
      • Draw a simple representation of this issue
      • Share this drawing with the group
      • Pass it to someone else who will add ridiculous things to the drawing
      • Look at your issue and see it in a comical way
      • Talk about how that felt
      • Finish with a round-robin treatment

5. Standardize it

Check out the Standard Workshop Format and fit your workshop into that model. Now would be a good time to switch to the computer if you are using a pen and paper. Write the steps from the point of view of the facilitator rather than of the teens. Be very specific about how each step should go. Here is an example of how to revise the above example:

      1. Open with a spiritual mind treatment.
      2. Initiate a discussion about issues that have been troubling the teens recently. Make sure everybody gets to share one issue.
      3. Ask everyone to draw a simple representation of this issue on a piece of paper. This should only take about 5 minutes.
      4. Have each group member share their drawing with the group.
      5. Have each group member pass their drawing to the right one person.
      6. Instruct the group members to make the drawing look ridiculous. This should only take about 5 minutes.
      7. Send the drawings back to their owners and encourage them to see the comedy in the difficulties in their lives.
      8. Initiate a discussion about how if felt to see your troubling issue be transformed into a silly image.
      9. Finish with a round-robin treatment.

6. Complete the format

Fill in the remainder of the Standard Workshop Format sheet. Here are some guidelines for the remaining fields:

      • Title: Don’t forget to give your workshop a title. You have permission to be punny!
      • PURPOSE: Remember the intention for the workshop that you wrote in step 3? That is what you should put as the purpose.
      • MATERIALS: Document anything that the facilitator will need for the workshop. In the example we’ve been using, the materials would be, “Paper and pens/pencils.”
      • PRINCIPLE: Find a spiritual quote that is in line with the purpose that you set for the workshop. A couple great places to look for quotes are books like The Science of Mind, The Four Agreements, or How to Change Your Life. The quote should be in the format “Quote.” -The Science of Mind, page 192.
      • Give credit to the workshop writers. List the names of the workshop writers in alphabetical order by last name.
      • Don’t forget to document where you are and what year it is. (Ex: CSL Santa Rosa 2012)

7. Perfect the formatting

The text should be Verdana size 14. The document should have one inch margins all the way around. Check the Standard Workshop Format for the general look of it.

8. Send it to us!

We want to share your brilliance with the world by sharing your workshop with teen groups in need. Save your workshop as a document titled the same as your workshop. Go to the Workshop Submission page. Make sure that it fulfills all of the criteria for submission. Send your masterpiece to us! Remember that the Leadership Team might alter a bit before it it posted.


Standard Workshop Format

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