Workshop Submission

If you’d like to submit a workshop for review, please read the following guidelines. If you’d like help creating your workshop, check out the workshop tutorial page.

Each workshop that is submitted will be reviewed by the Team before being posted on the website. In order for it to be accepted, it needs to meet a few basic rules:

  • It must be in Standard Workshop Format.
  • It must be based in spirituality.
  • It must have been tested by a teen group and revised to address dificulties.
  • It must have an estimated time on it.
  • It must be reasonably timed for a normal teen group session (45-120 minutes).
  • It must have a recommended participant number with it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By submitting this workshop to the Leadership Team, you are agreeing to let the Team alter it however they see fit before posting it on the website.

If your workshops meets the above requirements, please submit it to the Team. One of the team members will get back to you if your workshop is chosen for the website.


Click here to submit your workshop!



Standard Workshop Format

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